Monday (Night) Raves: What’s Going Right In Your Life? October 7, 2013

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Happy Monday!  Hope you are looking forward to a new week of possibilities! I know I am, now anyway!  This morning I was dragging a bit. We’ve been traveling quite a bit more that our norm and while it’s been fun, I was worn out from a long drive yesterday.  I know this is definitely a story I was telling myself, but I, also, know when it’s time to be sweet to myself.  I spend a lot of time this morning meditating and grounding myself and then, just getting unpacked and settled back in. Now I’m feeling so much better and ready to take on the world! While I still have a good bit of traveling this month and next, I’m home for the next 11 days!

I love this video of Dylan Siegel and his best friend that shows what you can do when you follow your heart and you have huge motivation. By the way, he’s raised over $400,000 now! That’s so chocolate bar!

Here’s my rave list for the week:

1. I loved going to spend the some time at my parents house last week.

2. I loved that my grandfather has moved right next to them and I could go visit with him every evening when I was there.

3. I loved that our sweet Lilly puppy was able to travel with us and that she did such a great job on the trip.

4. I love that I’m home now and all unpacked like I was never even gone.  It was worth the time to focus on organizing everything to have that relaxed feeling that everything is in its place.

5. I love that I got to talk to Jeannette Maw last week and she helped me put so much into perspective.

6. I love that I’ll be joining Janette Dalgliesh’s Vibration Rehab for the second time in November. I’m looking forward to letting go of old stories that don’t serve me.

7. I love that I’m having such fun with the Cozi calendar app and the Home Routine app to keep me organized and make time for all I want to do.

8. I love that I’m getting so much writing done and that it is an activity that makes me smile.

9. I love that we are having so much fun with our October home school lessons. Pumpkins, leaves, bats, Halloween, yeah!

10. I love that I know that even when things aren’t perfect, “this to shall pass”  and I don’t have to do anything except shift my focus.

I’d love to hear what’s going right for you this week.

  • So much to be grateful for this week! Last week, I gave a lecture on taming the ego that I believe changed the lives of many people 🙂 I have another coming up this week!

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