Monday Raves: What’s Going Right in Your Life- September 2, 2013

Great success

Happy Monday! My post is a bit late today because I’ve been enjoying spending time with my family and doing as little as possible.  I hope you have lot to rave about this week. I saw this video last night about Sarah Horn, a music coach, who got the opportunity to sing on stage with Kristen Chenoweth and since I’m a big fan of her and the musical Wicked, I loved the story and I wanted to share it. If you don’t have the time to go to the link and read Sarah Horn’s story, I want to share my favorite part with you. Her father reminded her at the end of the evening that he had prayed for her to sing with Kristen Chenewoth 11 years ago. So keep up your prayers, affirmations and visualizations for yourself and for others. You never know when they are going to come true!

Here’s my rave list for the week:

1. I loved going to the Labor Day Flea Market in Hillsville, Va. I have so much fun walking around looking at all the goodies with my family.

2. I loved how excited my oldest daughter was to find new pieces for her Dr. Pepper collection and all the fun little trinkets her younger siblings found: homemade purses, marshmallow guns and all sorts of fun items.

3. I love that because we are homeschooling we were able to work ahead and take off on Friday.

4. I love our new homeschool helper, Stella, who is from Columbia, makes us all speak Spanish. I’m learning as much as the kids, I think, and I’m so excited about learning another language.

5. I love that I submitted one of my picture book manuscripts this past week and will be doing some simultaneous submissions of it  to other agents and publishers this week. I have big dreams for this book and I’m excited to see them starting to move forward.

6. I love that I have a submission ready for Woman’s World again and will put it in the mail this week after it is proofread. I had gotten discouraged than none of my other stories sold, but I’m still going to keep submitting.  I love the feeling of the possibility of a sale.

7. I love the scratch-made chocolate raspberry cake  my  mom had made for my birthday. So Yummy!

8. I love all the sweet birthday greetings and gifts I was showered with this past week. It’s easier for me to give than receive but I’m getting better.

9. I love the beautiful, purple-glass medicine bottle I bought to add to my apothecary collection. Simple and beautiful.

10. I love that we stayed in the town that Andy Griffith based Mayberry on in his TV show and our hotel had lots of neat memorabilia. I had fun sitting and reading the guest book from Andy’s local home.

I’d love to hear what’s going right for you. To prove it, I’m giving away a Facebook “manifesting plan” to one of my commenters during the month of September. I’ll put everyone’s name in and choose a winner to be announced here around Oct. 1st. Then I’ll email the winner with the details if I have access to their e-mail or you can check back here around the first and message me on my Facebook page. Once you tell me what you want to create, I’ll create a personal manifesting plan for you and we’ll make sure it feels good to you.

Due to my travels this weekend, I haven’t had the chance to put everyone into and pick a winner for August yet, but I promise it will be listed on my next post, probably by Wednesday.

Transforming through Love and Joy,

Michelle Martin Dobbins



  • Joy says:

    I *love* the reminder to keep up your prayers, because you just never know when the miracles will be placed! I had a small example of that happen today. Our new space doesn’t have an oven (which is okay, because we lived on the boat without using an oven, but I still miss baking). We have lived here 3 months. And today when we came home, there was a brand new convection oven waiting patiently to be installed.

    • Joy, How cool! I love manifestations like that! You didn’t work on it or worry about it and it just showed up. 🙂 I’m remembering this as I think of my prayers and visualizations around my writing. I know as long as I keep doing it and enjoying it, I’ll see the results someday. Maybe sooner than I think, but if it’s 11 years that’s ok, too.

  • Cloris Kylie Stock says:

    So many blessings! I have a good feeling about your picture book-and the Woman’s World article too! Everything is happening in divine order, and that’s what I love about this week and every week.

  • How awesome! I love the music and Sarah’s story as well. Amazing.
    I’m so proud of you homeschooling your kids and can’t wait to hear more and more stories about their unfolding adventures. How fortunate they are to have you for a Mom. 🙂
    I count you as one of my many blessings. Thank you, Michelle, for being such a wonderful example for the world. I’m holding the vision of your absolute success with your picture book, articles and learning Spanish!
    Much Love to you!

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