When the Magic Isn’t Working

OK,  things are a little wonky in my world right now and that’s OK. Things have been breaking, I’ve been hurting myself, and I’m feeling a lack of love from a variety of sources that usually love me. What to do? First, I feel like crying, so I’m going to cry. Then, since I injured one ankle on Saturday and the other on Sunday, I pulled out Louis Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life and went to the section which lists causes of disease and I looked up ankles. The probably cause of ankles problems are inflexibility and guilt and not allowing one’s self to receive pleasure.  The affirmations are: I deserve to rejoice in life, I accept all the pleasure life has to offer.  I am asking myself these effective questions: How can I allow myself to experience more pleasure in my life?  What can I rejoice about now?  What wonderful new things are just around the corner that I can rejoice about?

I’m going to buy myself a new special tea mug, since that was one of the broken items and some flowers.  I’m going to be sweet and nurture myself this week and allow myself to enjoy life. I’ll pray and meditate and all my normal things I do to connect to God and feel good too, but sometimes things going on in your world mean you need to try something different.   I’ll report back next week.  If you have any thing you do to get through the wonky times in your world, I’d love it if you’d share.