Where There’s Smoke…


Where there’s smoke….

there’s fire?

Not necessarily so.  Last week, my family was awakened by a fire alarm around 2 am in the morning.  We were staying on the 14th floor of a hotel in Clearwater Beach, Florida. When we opened our room door, the hallway was filled with smoke, along with the stairwells.  People were panicking and rushing down the stairs.  When one gentleman became upset and threatened to start pushing, my husband told him to calm down, there was no fire.

What? No fire?  It turns out the smoke was from several fire extingisher’s that had been sprayed in an act of vandilism.  It created enough chemical “smoke” to fill our hallway and 7 flights of the staircase.  My husband had experienced this in the military and knew from the sulfer smell that the smoke didn’t come from a fire.  The rest of us didn’t and we thought the danger was real.

What does this have to do with you?  When you are focusing on manifesting something in your life, you might experience smoke.  Smoke is just the appearance that things are going wrong.  You desire to be debt free and end up with a large bill.  You desire to be a professional actress and you don’t get the part. You might be tempted to think law of attraction doesn’t work for you.  Don’t! It is working for you. This is just smoke.  Keep moving forward towards your goal.  As Lola Jones says don’t take score unless its in your favor.

Often, things might not look good, but you don’t see what’s happening in your vortex or the unseen. Don’t look for smoke. Instead, do what Jeannette Maw teaches and look for driftwood.  Driftwood is the those little signs that you are getting closer to your desires. You might miss them if your not watching. For example, you want a new job and you get a job offer for a job, just not for a job you want or you get a small check in the mail when you are hoping to manifest more money.  You can learn more about driftwood here.

Don’t let the smoke cloud you eyes. Look for driftwood instead.  If you need help holding you vision, find a positive thought buddy or consider a coach.  Crystal Nuding is a concousness coach who is great at soothing people and helping them hold their vision.  Janette Dalgliesh is a Law of Attraction coach who provides sweet relief.

I’d love to hear about any smoke or driftwood, you have spotted or any comments. To prove it, I’m giving away one of my Angel Card readings (see service page) to one of my commenters during the month of April. I’ll put everyone’s name in random.org and choose a winner to be announced here around May 1st. Then I’ll email the winner with the details if I have access to their e-mail or you can check back here around the first and e-mail me if you’re the winner.

By the way, it might seem like a middle of the night hotel evacuation wouldn’t fit with my intentionto have a fabulous trip with my family, but if it hadn’t happened, I’d have missed:

Seeing my husband remain calm and soothe strangers

Seeing my son hugging and comforting his sister.

Feeling connected to my family as we stuck together though the craziness

Tasting the free breakfast the hotel comped us, along with 20% off of our room fees

Hearing my son’s glee at having survived another one of the “worldest deadliest emergencies.’ (We were trapped in an elevator on another beach vacation.)

Meeting some of our neighbors in the hotel and having nice conversations with them

Pretending to be Sweet Brown with my daughter and making up our own version of her famous Youttube video.  Here it is you haven’t seen it.

Sweet Brown now has an agent, got a makeover and is going to be in some movies next year. I love it!

Yep, it was a great trip.

Love and Alchemy,


  • Great post, Michelle!! I love the reminder not to panic – to question the scary story our brain might be telling us in the red hot moment. I can remember sitting at the back of a plane, about 10 minutes from landing, and suddenly choking on a truly nasty smoke which began pouring from behind me. Talk about scary!!

    But before any of us had time to whip ourselves into major panic (and believe me, it took a little self-control not to scream my head off!!) – the crew swung into action, figured out what was going on and immediately let us know what it was. That information was so helpful in being able to soothe my poor scared brain. It turned out to be a leak in the air-conditioning system which had allowed a little fluid to come into contact with hot metal – in effect, a somewhat horrid smelling smoke-machine. They switched that part of the system off and voila – no more smoke.

    Talk about relief!! 😀

    • Michelle Dobbins says:

      Janette, That sounds scary, but “yeah” for quick relief. I’m so focused on law of attraction that I was making my list of psositve aspects before we were even out of the building. I doubt if I would have been able to do that if I hadn’t found out it wasn’t a real fire though.

  • Nina Rao says:

    What a great article, Michelle! This is so good to know that when we intend something and it seems as if it’s no where near coming, that we shouldn’t take score, thinking LOA doesn’t work for me. Rather this is all feedback showing us where we can make adjustments. And like you said, we don’t know what’s happening in our vortex, we don’t see the big picture. We shouldn’t give up. Keep believing until the score is in your favor. And the more we can see the good in a seemingly bad situation, the faster our desire will come.

    I’m seeing a lot of driftwood concerning my desire to visit the states this year under certain conditions. I know land is near! It’s become so much fun to see how my intentions manifest.

    Hugs, Nina

    • Michelle Dobbins says:


      Sometimes it’s hard to remember that contrast is good. We just have to keep reminding each other.

      I’m glad to hear your seeing driftwood relating to you trip. I’m visualizing you arriving in the US with a smile on your face. I can’t wait to hear how it all works out perfectly!


  • I really enjoyed reading this post, Michelle! Thanks for posting!
    I think that the Universe has a great sense of humor. When we ask for something new to manifest, there is some smoke as you point out. In the past, I used to get discouraged to see the smoke and just give up. But I realize now that If someone asks to manifest a lot of money and abundance and they are working a minimum wage job, chances are that they might get fired from there. It is the Universe’s way of disruption before something else can take form. But alas, we ask for change and then resist it. Too many orders and requests just confuses the Universe and nothing happens. Trusting and allowing are very difficult concepts to master. But looking for the driftwood, yes that is a fantastic idea! Two thumbs up to focusing on the little signals! 🙂
    Have a nice weekend!

    • Michelle Dobbins says:

      Thanks! I hesitate to say that the universe tests us to see if we will continue to focus on our desires, but sometimes it feels that way. As you say, sometimes we have to give up the old reality before we can move into the new ones and situations, like losing a job, may seem bad but they really aren’t.

      Hope you have a great weekend, too!

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  • Laura says:

    I encountered a pretty good piece of driftwood today. A shiny silver Mercedes parked in the spot in front of me when I was loading my groceries into the trunk. As I backed my car out to leave I noticed the licence plate of the Mercedes had my name on it! 🙂

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