Who’s Vibrating All of these Tragedies?



Ok, I see the newsDisaster. Actually if I’m honest, I don’t see it, listen to it, or read it. And yet, the rest of the world feels compelled to share it with me (and by rest of the world, I mostly mean my husband ;))

I get that the news is scary. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t watch it. The news reporter’s job is to get you to tune in and if they showed the truth about the news, we wouldn’t want to watch. Seriously, 6.999 billion people having a good or even fabulous day does not make for good ratings. It’s that small number of people who are having a rough time that most people are concerned about.

I’ve had several readers who can’t understand why these horrible things are happening in our world and how it makes sense within the law of attraction. Surely, people aren’t vibrating being shot, beheaded, or contracting deadly diseases, so why do these things occur?

First of all, suspend judgement for a moment and remember that all events that we judge as “bad” aren’t necessarily bad and we can’t always see the good from our limited perspective. Pam Grout explains in this post how it’s often impossible to judge what is really bad or good.

Secondly, I am not a Law of Attraction purist and I believe in mysteries, magic, and I am of the opinion that some things are beyond our ability to comprehend while we are in a physical body. However, I am going to share my beliefs about why “bad” things happen and more importantly how we can deal with them.

Who’s Vibrating All This Bad Stuff?

Abraham-Hicks says that we can’t attract things in life that we aren’t in vibrational alignment with. Does that mean we have to be thinking about having a car accident to manifest a car accident? No, but we might be focusing of the kinds of feelings that are associated with accidents: worry, fear, anger, etc. When we continually focus on those emotions we bring experiences that match them into our lives. We don’t always chose the specific occurrences.

When occurrences happen that affect our society as a whole, it is tied to our collective consciousness. We can’t manifest a president that is at a higher vibration than our collective vibration. We can, however, decide not to be affected individually by our government officials and our economy. Some people thrive in all economies and some people never thrive even in the best economies.

Overall, we can only attend to our own vibration. That is good news though! One high vibration person has more power than millions who are focused on the negative. Remember, don’t get scared if you have negative thoughts, just feel them and let them go. Resisting is what gets you stuck. Tell the story of how the universe is on your side and gives you emotions to let you know what you are vibrating, so you can shift your thoughts. All emotions are good. Relax and let your vibration rise. High vibration people benefit us all because they raise they collective vibration of our planet.

Here’s How I Deal with Negative Junk:

1. Remember it might not truly be bad. Losing your job might be the only event that would propel you to starting your own business and living your dream. If you see things happening your life or the lives of others that you don’t know how you or they created, consider that there might be a hidden blessing. If you are having trouble wrapping your head around this, check out Jeannette Maw’s post How Did I Align to That?  

2. Monitor my own vibration. Our power lies in our own vibrations. Of course, we want to make our planet better and help ourselves and others. The best way to do that is to focus on what is already good and get excited about creating more good. We can’t help starving children by sitting around feeling bad about it. If looking at the sad stories brings you down, DON”T DO IT! I want to help countries where people struggle with poverty, so I give to Kiva. Their site makes me smile and I get to help people in need. It’s a win-win.

3. Send Love, Light, Reiki and whatever else I’m inspired to. I don’t sit around and worry about others if I can stop myself. I want to add to the “everything’s going to be fine” vibration not the “the world’s going to hell” vibration. The belief that feeling bad means we care has been taught to many of us, but I find that feeling bad about a situation just paralyzes me and I become part of the problem. When I look at what is already good and intend to send love and healing energy to the situation, my perspective shifts and I become part of the solution. Everyone has their own way of doing this. Whatever helps you focus on the positive aspects of the situation is what you want to do.

4. Focus on the Good News. I subscribe to the Good News Network and Huffington Post’s Good News. Those are the stories I don’t want to miss. I want to know about what’s going right on the planet. I set up my in-box and all my social media sites so that when I open them, I’m going to see good news. I chose not to listen to the radio, read the newspaper, or watch TV news. That might be too radical for you, but at least create a balance in the news you take in.

I’m definitely not an expert on why things happen in the world. This is just the way of thinking that lets me go to sleep with a peaceful heart. I’d love to hear your thoughts on why the world works the way it does.