It Won’t Trend for More Than 24 Hours

How long does it trend when a natural disaster strikes?

How long does it trend when celebrity dies?
How long does it trend when something amazing happens?
How long does it trend when the next political scandal hits?
I’ve noticed on Twitter even when the most beloved person dies, it likely won’t trend for more than 48 hours and that’s a long time. Almost every topic, good or bad, disappears from the trends in less than 24 hours.
​​​​​​​Life moves fast in 2018 so we need to slow down. The choices we make, the awards we win, the failures we experience, and even our deaths won’t likely trend on social media and even if they do, it won’t be for long.
​​​​​​​What will matter is moments of connection with family and friends.
The time we spend in quiet contemplation.
The time we reached out to help one another.
​​​​​​​The time we followed our heart’s desires
​​​​​​​The time that we were fully here.
Your life matters even it’s not trending and likely won’t trend even when you die.
Trends, however,  don’t matter. They are gone in an instant. If you live your life following trends, you’ll miss the beauty in front of you.
​​​​​​​When I’m stressed and disconnected from my real life, I tend to scroll to disengage and desensitize. I let myself be numbed by the madness of the trends.
I let myself feel despair and begin to fear missing out on what is happening out in the world.
Eventually, I come to my senses. I remember that my inner world is more important and powerful than my outer world.
As within, so without.
​​​​​​​I can’t change the world by looking as trends fly by.
I can, however, stop and tune in to my own energy. Do my own Daily Alchemy work. Connect with spirit. Be steadfast.
Changing my own energy gives me power to shift the world around me.
It’s the only thing that does.
The past week, I vacillated between meditation and numbness.
Being presence and escaping.
Creating my reality and running from “what is.”
As I do from time to time, I wanted other people and the outside world to change to please me, when I know I can only change myself.
It’s ok. Every time I pull away from my path, it patiently waits.
As does yours. Our paths know the trends will pass and take with them their superficial fluff. We’ll be called back to our journey.
If you start to look towards the trends for your guidance, forgive yourself and walk back to your path.
Trends die quickly.
Love lives on.
​​​​​​​Namaste & Big Hugs,

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Namaste & Hugs,

Michelle Martin Dobbins

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