What is Your Word for 2015?

daring womanInstead of New Year’s resolutions, for the past 4-5 years I’ve chosen a word for the year. In all honesty, I usually lost touch with my word halfway through the year and didn’t continue to focus on it and I can’t remember what all of them were. One year is was CONNECTION and one year it was MAGIC, but I didn’t focus on them throughout the year.  That’s one reason I love Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Shining Year workbook that I mentioned in my last post. It helps me remember to focus on my word and my goals all year-long so I don’t lose track.

My word for the year in 2014 was DELIGHT. I focused on all the things that made me feel delighted and it was so much fun and I created so many lovely experiences in my life that brought me delight. Watching my children learn and having the flexibility of homeschooling brought me great delight. My kids are learned coding, spirituality, Chinese, how to make videos, etc. and I found it all delightful. We’ve traveled lots and travel is one of my sweet spots that always brings magical experiences. I published 2 ebooks and both became Amazon best-sellers. I was able to connect with and chat with so many awesome people through this blog and social media. Yes, 2014 was filled with delight. It was the perfect word for 2014.

A few days ago, I sat down to meditate and focus on what my word for 2015 would be. Usually, it forms over time through images in my mind and it often takes a few days for it to solidify. I wasn’t expecting what happened. As soon as I closed my eyes, before I had even began to relax into a meditative state, I heard a word spoken in my ear: DARING!

“NO!” I replied.

“Daring,” answered my soul.

“I’ve been brave. I put my ebooks out. I’ve allowed people see pieces of who I am. I’ve been called the anti-christ, a devil worshipper, and had people meet my love of humanity with obscenities, yet I persevered. I moved forward and I didn’t let any negativity keep me down for long. I don’t need to do daring. I’ve already done it,” I replied.

“Daring.” answered my soul.

“But this word doesn’t make me happy. It makes me nauseous,” I replied.

“Daring makes magic,” answered my soul.

I had nothing, no response, no rebuttal. Part of me wanted out of this word but part of me felt excited and ready to run with it. Maybe it’s my Virgo moon vs. my Aries rising, but I felt ill and exhilarated at the same time.

I pondered how, in my mind, daring is different from brave. To me bravery is a necessity, you’re backed up against a wall and you get brave or you crumble. Daring, however, is a choice. It’s leaping out in faith when you can’t see the other side, not because you have to but because you want to. Daring is freedom, adventure, and joy. Suddenly, I was hooked.

My word for 2015 is DARING.

It makes me scared and excited all at once, but I know I’m going to be amazed at how far it’s takes me and the magic it has leads me to create by this time next year. I know it’s going to call my to do things that are uncomfortable but necessary. I know it’s going to propel me way out of my comfort zone. Does it mean I’m going to jump out of airplanes? Probably not. That’s not the kind of daring that lights me up. The kinds of daring that calls to me is connecting deeply with the people I love, standing up for what I believe in, unapologetically sharing who I am, and allowing magic, abundance and love to fill up my life.

What is your word for 2015 and what does it call you to create?

My word calls me to be daring right now. It calls me to ask you to join me in living full-out in 2015. Let’s join together and support each other in living our words for the next year whatever they are.


May you have a Magical, Daring, Joyful 2015!