The Year I Swore Off Pink

Not all Pink. I’m still ok with neon pink. But the pastel, sweet colors had to go.
I have nothing personal against pastel pink. It used to be a staple in my closet. Along with lavender, mint green, and light yellow. These colors were almost always floral prints, too. I’m not sure why those choices resonated with me. Maybe because they felt feminine, soft and non-threatening. Which is why I shall not be wearing them this year. The Year of the Warrior.
I began to shift my closet in the last quarter of 2016. I took Carol Tuttle’s Dress Your Truth class and found out that I am a Type Four which is the bold, striking lady. Introverted and more of a still, Earth energy.  Type Fours apparently feel better wearing bold, geometrical, color-wheel hues. Not florals or pastels.
Of course, when t walked into my closet to see what fit my energy profile only two outfits made the cut. Mostly, I had pastel flowers everywhere. I started flinging clothes and a few hours later, I lugged 3 huge bags to the thrift shop donation box and then went inside bought several outfits that fit a type 4. I added black, silver, rose red, sunshine yellow, grass green and cobalt blue that hadn’t formerly been part of my wardrobe, especially red. I previously believed that red didn’t look good on me but it became an overnight staple in my wardrobe.
My next step to the beauty salon to cut off my hair and get rid of the highlights, which don’t work for type fours, for a more striking look.
My look changed quickly and people around me noticed. Most didn’t like it but I did. I felt stronger and more vibrant in my new ensembles. Once I realized that my word for year for 2017 was Warrior, they felt even more perfect.

I even changed my shoes.  My son took this picture of my shoes while we traveling in California and said “You’re gonna need this picture, mom”—so here are my sassy, red, warrior, Converse tennies:

Now my closet gleams with saturated colors and shining, silver accessories and it feels amazing. I’m honestly not sure if it’s because I’m “dressing my truth” according to Carol Tuttle or because the clothes I’m wearing now have the strong vibrations that support the changes I’m making in my life now.

Eventually, I may decide that softer colors feel more in line with what I want to project into the world but for now my new wardrobe suits me.  I’ve saved a few pastels and florals for days that I want to feel more subdued but for the most part I’m embracing my new style full out. It’s changing how I feel about myself which leads to change in behavior and a change in lifestyle that is feeling more and more fabulous and free.
I love how everything has a vibration, from color to food to scent, and we can use that to support what we decide to focus on in our lives. I share about how we tend to natural gravitate to the energy that we need to integrate in the latest Adventures in Alchemy podcast.
​​​​​​​I’d love to hear how you use the items in your daily live to support the energetic changes you wish to make.
Namaste & Hugs,
P.S. If you want to play with “dressing your truth” and seeing what your energy type is, Carol offers a free class. I am not one of her affiliates but I think that her classes are amazing.