You Are Being Called

Don't Live the Same Year 75 times and Call it a LifeYou are being called.

I’m not telling you something you don’t already know. Your heart is calling you to dive deeper into life.

To connect with others. To share your gifts. To shine.

The question is are you answering the call.

If you look around you’ll notice a lot of people around you that aren’t answering the call. They are working to pay bills until they die.

You’re here so I know that’s not the way you intend to live your life.

I also know that it’s not always easy to follow the call.

It always asks you to be more. Be more brave. Be more authentic. Be more fully you.

I’m here to remind you that the magical life is on the other side of that call.

Answer the call. Choose the red pill. Wake up and live.

It won’t aways be easy. You’ll have to face your fears. You’ll need to exhibit the courage to be ignored or shunned by others who are too scared to follow their own heart.

This is a work in progress for me. I dreamed about reaching out for years. Now when my heart whispers I follow. I might scream and cry and baby barf in my mouth but I follow. I’m not going to my grave without adding my light to the world. And I don’t want you to either. 

My latest project has caused me experience intense uncomfortable emotions. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that even though it feels yucky in the moment, if I can just sit with the emotions and allow them to move through my body without judgement I’ll get through and I ‘ll grow. 

That next magical thing that’s calling you will undoubtedly bring up scary stuff for you. You’ll get through it and you will grow, too!

The world needs you and the magic that you are. 

The bonus prize is that manifesting the life of your dreams just seems to happen when you answer the call. You become the the person who has what you want. When you step into that energy, manifesting it is the next logical step and it often happens surprisingly fast.

If you want support you can reach out. I’m happy to virtually hold your hand, send reiki, give you a push-whatever you need.

Namaste & hugs,


Ps if you’d like to support my latest heart calling, you can find out more here. (Big Love to all of you Magical Ones who already have.)