You are hereby invited to allow more magick into your life

You are hereby invited to allow more magick into your life. Most invitations for change come in the form of dark times. I wish more invitations were delivered by an owl from Hogwarts, but it is what it is.
This pandemic is asking us to shift and allow more magick into our lives. We have a choice. We can hide behind Netflix, Facebook and Twitter. We can keep doing the status quo. We can pretend that we can go on with life as usual and be protected by that bottle of Florida water in our purse.
Or we can see this virus as an opportunity, or an invitation if you will, to make time for more magick. I don’t pretend to know why this is happening and I’m not one to place blame for situations, but I do believe it is our responsibility to work within the reality that we find ourselves.
Many people will suffer because of this situation, whether physically, financially or both, and I do not make light of that. We should all listen to science and do our best to flatten the curve. Stay home when we can, use social distance and care for each other as much as possible.
Beyond that, many of us will have a slower pace of life for a while. What an opportunity to delve deeper into magick.
The time is available for many of us to:
• Talk to the trees
• Commune with plant spirits
• Heal our ancestors
• Up our meditation game
• Learn or practice Reiki
• Practice releasing techniques
• Build a new altar or cleanse and tend to ones we already have
• Breathe in healing and breathe out what no longer serves us
• Memorize and practice a banishing technique
• Call in the Four Directions
• Cleanse and protect our houses
• Read some of those books in our Magickal Libraries
• Take action and do some of the Magick in the books we read
• Do prayers and rituals for each other’s safety and health
May we all come out the other side of this with more magick, peace, connection and love in our lives.
Magick & Hugs,
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