You’re Not Fear’s B*$%&

You’re Not Fear’s Bitch

Fear works for you, not the other way around
Fear’s job is to say, “Danger! Watch out, man-eating tiger over there!”
Fear’s job is not to tell you to stay in a lackluster relationship because you might not find anyone better
Fear’s job is not to advise you to keep working in a toxic environment because it pays the bills
And Fear’s job is most definitely not to whisper seductively in you ear that giving up on your dreams and accepting “reality” is the answer to your worries
Fear is not Your North Star
It’s not here to guide you to your path of fulfillment
Its only job is to protect you from pain or death
Your North Stars are Joy, Bliss, Love and Excitement
Make your choices based on what actions will bring you joy
Not based on what actions will avoid pain
Fear is emergency services,
Helpful when needed,
But you don’t want to make it your main squeeze
Break up with Fear
Fear’s cousin, Excitement, is a much better boo
Excitement will get your heart pumping, just like Fear, but it’s pillow talk is so much hotter:
How about we start a side hustle so we can dump this lame corporation soon?
This dude treats you like yesterday’s meme, you can thrive on your own.
Let’s start writing that book! If we shut off Netflix, we could devote an hour a day
The bodily sensations of Fear and Excitement are similar
But Fear shuts you down
And Excitement opens you up
Fear is hiding in the bathroom
Excitement is jumping on the roller coaster
Fear is keeping your poetry in a Dropbox folder
Excitement is submitting it to a publisher
Fear is staying a bad situation
Excitement is risking something new
Fear is micromanaging your children
Excitement is guiding them to follow their own excitement
Fear cancels the tour
Excitement takes the stage
Tell Fear to fuck off
And get naughty with Excitement today!
Live Magickally!

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