Dump It All!

  DUMP IT ALL!   Once I week I dump my purse out on the floor. I tend to shove everything into my purse. Receipts, candy wrappers, my kid’s permission slips. Whatever, into the purse it goes.   By the end of a week, I’m carrying around a hot mess. It makes no sense to...

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Magic Vs. Magick

Just a quick note on why I have decided to use the word magick going forward as opposed to magic. First, the word magic seems so overused that the "k" wakes up my brain and make the word stand out. Second, the word magic often refers to illusionary magic and our...

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My Magical Life

  • I have flamenco !!! Time to dance with my ancestors
  • Just another MagickMonday Raves Whats wonderful in my world today
  • I got my meditation space cleared out for my newmoon
  • Sharing more of who I am seemed so scary but
  • My favorite outdoor meditation spot has been covered in new

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